The Flexitank Company has moved to a new location. From 7 March (2023) we are located at Welplaatkade 21, Rotterdam Botlek, Port number 4133. “We simply had to take this step, the old location no longer met the high standards that we as The Flexitank Company apply. In addition, growth and ambition required larger, more accessible accommodation. No one can miss us, we are more visible than ever. The new signing is partly responsible for this.” Ad van Hoff continues: “We are proud of the new step we are taking as The Flexitank Company. We keep growing; due to more and more extensive orders from existing customers, but also due to the growth of new customers.”

The Flexitank Company is a worldwide famous and well known name in the field of flexitanks, crosspumping and linerbags. Specialisms, the core business. “

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