Flexitanks, linerbags, bulkheads and more!

We supply everything. Confection tanks and tailor made tanks.

On demand we supply flexitanks, linerbags, bulkheads, heaterpads and other fitting materials.

We work with different producers which we have selected, based upon their guaranteed quality products and quality systems.

The Flexitank Company offers tailor made solutions to meet you and your customers requirements.

  • Supply of thermal liners.
  • Supply and install heater pads.
  • Supply and install ISO kits.
  • Supply Bulkheads
  • Supply Fitting materials
  • Supply of steel bars
  • Supply of IBC’s
  • Flexitank materials: we can help you with all kind of materials. We have a close relationship with a wide range of manufacturers with their guaranteed quality products and systems.
  • Linerbags materials: we help you with all the linerbag materials you want. On request we inform you with a wide range of various manufacturers, well known for their quality of products and systems.
  • Supply of new bulkheads. Collection and repair of existing bulkheads.
  • On behalf of our principals, we also take care for the removal of Flexitank following discharge of the product. The fitting materials will be disposed with environmental responsibility. We are able to do the dispose of the tank, bulkhead, floor covering and residual product from the tank.
  • Bulk liquids with a higher viscosity cools during transport and is therefore more difficult to unload. In that case we use Heater Pads which reduce the viscosity and ensure that the liquids can be pumped at the destination.

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