Logistics is key. The Flexitank Company helps you with all your logistical needs.

Containers with flexitanks or linerbags require more attention than regular containers. Such as the requirements of containers, protocol of shipping companies, transport conditions, depots and other companies related to the transport.

Storage of flexitanks and linerbags can take up a lot of space, we have options to provide the space you need in our warehouse.

The FlexiTank Company is specialized in transport of containers with flexitanks and is fully aware of all rules, regulations and other requirements related to transport and warehousing.

  • WAREHOUSING: The Flexitank Company is able to offer a total concept. Whether it concerns storage, transfer or assembly, your stocks are in good and safe conditions with us.
  • TRANSPORT: The Flexitank Company provides all kind of transportation services. With our network of specialised and experienced partners THE FLEXITANK COMPANY can fulfill every request. Regardless of the destination we’re capable of ensuring professional and reliable transport for all our clients.
  • BARGING: The Flexitank Company facilitates dry and liquid commodities for inland waterways in Europe. Ask our customer service how we can help with efficiently get your cargo to its destination.
  • OVERSEAS: From the Rotterdam mainport, we play a prominent role in the global Flexitanks and Linerbags industry and network. Your product from and to any port in the world, we can arrange, we take care of it!

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