You’re at the right place at The Flexitank Company for loading, discharging and everything else that has to do with it. We have an emergency responds team.

Containers with flexitanks or linerbags requires specialized training and equipment during loading and discharging.
The Flexitank Company, specialize in loading and discharging services with all kind of cargo related to the flexitank or linerbag.
Our team of experts is experienced in cross pumping, removal of flexitanks or linerbags, disposal of residue and can also guide you through this process.

We always assist you and guide you through the complete process. We’re proud to undertake such projects and successfully complete them.
In case of urgent assistance, we have our own emergency responds team which you can contact. We look into your problem, team-up and find the best possible solution for you and your customer.

  • CROSS PUMPING: The Flexitank Company provide discharge services. We provide pumping all products (food & non food) from tank, containers, trailers or storage tanks into flexitanks. We use special, approved pumps.
    – Cross pumping Flexitanks directly into ISO tanks, road tankers and Flexitanks. Or vice versa.
    – Cross pumping Flexitanks and ISO Tanks straight in to Barge.
    – Cross pumping under T1, we have a Customs location.
    – Cross pumping excise goods, special HS codes.
    – Cross pumping IBC/ISO Tank/Flexitank in to Factory.
    – Emergency Cross pumping on the terminals.
  • REMOVAL & DISPOSAL: The Flexitank Company offers innovative solutions for removing flexitanks from containers and our expertise team can also solve potential problems with oil and other liquid products. We also manage disposal of flexitanks and the transfer of load residue in the appropriate and clean containers. And …. always environmentally friendly.
  • ASSISTANCE: The Flexitank Company provides loading assistance at the existing loading terminals.
  • EMERGENCY: The Flexitank Company has their principals with one main goal: zero calamities with flexitanks. We have an experienced team and a range of top quality equipment at our disposal. In case of an emergency pumps and hoses are available for chemicals, as well as for food products.

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