In the past there were many problems related to the flexitanks which often resulted in leakage, loss of product and cleaning operations. The reason: incorrect fitting and handling of the flexitanks.

Nowadays a lot of improvements are made by flexitank suppliers and handlers, in both bag manufacturing, container selections and safe loading and unloading procedures.

The result: a significant reduction in the number of leaks and other incidents.
The use of flexitanks for the carriage of non-dangerous liquid products should therefore only be carried out by companies with the appropriate equipment and following the right operating procedures.

The FlexiTank Company takes care of your container requirements by our tailored services.
We guarantee Top Level Services. For sure!

  • FITTING: Off course we manage the fitting of flexitanks and linerbag sets. We also take care of the removal of fitting materials and will do that with environmental responsibility.
  • INSPECTIONS: Inspection is key and above all important. By The Flexitank Company your flexitanks and linerbags are in good hands and always well inspected.
  • PREPARATIONS / REPAIRS: The Flexitank Company can perform all your desirable repairs on your containers. We can make all your containers suitable for flexitanks and provide you with advice if necessary.
  • SURVEYS: Through our independent investigation we will try to find out the rootcause of your damages or leakages.
  • UPGRADING: The Flexitank Company makes every container suitable for flexitank puposes. In fact: we are able to upgrade every possible container.
  • MODIFICATIONS: You’ve got specific needs? Our experienced technicians customise every container to fit your wishes, whatever these wishes are.

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