Recycle machine ordered for PP/PE ETA end of Q3, want to learn more about the recycling please get in touch.

Heating Service

In some instances, the material you are hauling needs to be heated, either upon arrival at the depot, or during transit. In either case, The Flexitank Company offers Flexitank heating and ISO tank heating services through a variety of methods. These tank heating methods include:

Flexi/ISO Tank heating with steam is one of the faster methods of Flexi/ISO Tank heating. Since the steam heat can be administered at high temperatures and pressure, this method gets your product heated and ready to make the trip.

We also provide special heating service like the hot room for your Flexitank without heaterpads.

We have capacity for 32 Flexitanks/Iso tanks to heat up at onces, if needed.

Special flexitanks and linerbags

We can advise you the best flexitanks & linerbag products in respect to pricing, quality and delivery time. For example : bitumen tanks, reefer tanks, wine tanks, vegetables tanks, etc.
Static storage: flexitanks for liquid fertilizers from 1m3 upto 60m3 (and more).

Survey expertise

Experienced people to investigate your cause damage. Damage that could be caused by leakage of a Flexitank, unsecure inspections, wrongly fitted, mishandled container or another reason.
The Flexitank will be inspected thoroughly; step by step, inch by inch.

Cross pumping services

Containers with flexitanks or linerbags requires specialized training and equipment during loading and discharging.
The Flexitank Company, specialize in loading and discharging services with all kind of cargo related to the flexitank or linerbag.
Our team of experts is experienced in cross pumping, removal of flexitanks or linerbags, disposal of residue and can also guide you through this process.

We always assist you and guide you through the complete process. We’re proud to undertake such projects and successfully complete them.
In case of urgent assistance, we have our own emergency responds team which you can contact. We look into your problem, team-up and find the best possible solution for you and your customer.

Supplies / Materials

We supply everything. Confection tanks and tailor made tanks.

On demand we supply flexitanks, linerbags, bulkheads, heaterpads and other fitting materials.

We work with different producers which we have selected, based upon their guaranteed quality products and quality systems.

The Flexitank Company offers tailor made solutions to meet you and your customers requirements.

  • Supply of thermal liners.
  • Supply and install heater pads.
  • Supply and install ISO kits.
  • Supply Bulkheads
  • Supply Fitting materials
  • Supply of steel bars
  • Supply of IBC’s

Container additional services

In the past there were many problems related to the flexitanks which often resulted in leakage, loss of product and cleaning operations. The reason: incorrect fitting and handling of the flexitanks.

Nowadays a lot of improvements are made by flexitank suppliers and handlers, in both bag manufacturing, container selections and safe loading and unloading procedures.

The result: a significant reduction in the number of leaks and other incidents.
The use of flexitanks for the carriage of non-dangerous liquid products should therefore only be carried out by companies with the appropriate equipment and following the right operating procedures.

The FlexiTank Company takes care of your container requirements by our tailored services.
We guarantee Top Level Services. For sure!


Containers with flexitanks or linerbags require more attention than regular containers. Such as the requirements of containers, protocol of shipping companies, transport conditions, depots and other companies related to the transport.

Storage of flexitanks and linerbags can take up a lot of space, we have options to provide the space you need in our warehouse.

The FlexiTank Company is specialized in transport of containers with flexitanks and is fully aware of all rules, regulations and other requirements related to transport and warehousing.