Linerbags: much more than reducing logistics and the impact on the environment

A Liner Bag is also known in the world as Container Liner Bag, Dry Bulk Liner, Container Liner, Dry Bulk Container Liner.
It is a liner made of a polymeric material that is used for transporting loose, bulk and packaged cargo.

It protects and monitors the integrity of transported products, reducing logistics costs and impact on the environment.

The FlexiTank Company is specialized in transport of containers with flexitanks and is fully aware of all rules, regulations and other requirements related to transport and warehousing.

Close collaboration to ensure the best way for your business. Smart solutions with great economical and financial advantages. We’re your partner to boost your business!

From our HO in Rotterdam, NL we can operate very quickly to get your flexitanks and linerbags to their BNLX destinations on time!

Established well-known company, High Professional Quality, Efficient and Experienced.

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