What’s in the name: The Flexitank Company.

In the container and trailer business, companies focus primarily on the type of goods that can be packaged and sorted by pallet. In fact, this is just part of what can be sent in these large 20 and 40 ft boxes.

Moreover, a container itself is not the only thing that we can use to handle our unique loads. We can use different types of packaging techniques to turn a container into a dry tank.

One of the most common tools used for this type of shipment is called a Flexitank.

It is a bulk storage for liquid, made of several layers of polyethylene, with an outer layer or woven polypropylene.

It actually converts a sea container into a healthier, safer and more cost-effective alternative to shippers.

Flexitanks are widely preferred for food-grade products such as edible oil, fruit concentrates, beverages and non-hazardous chemical transport due to their high efficiency together with superior protection against contamination.

Flexitanks are economically more advantageous, and besides of that, when the tanks are compared to the usage of an ISO tank, the advantage gets up to 40 percent.

The FlexiTank Company is specialized in transport of containers with flexitanks and is fully aware of all rules, regulations and other requirements related to transport and warehousing.

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From our HO in Rotterdam, NL we can operate very quickly to get your flexitanks and linerbags to their BNLX destinations on time!

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